Stegosaur Series

Professional V60 SDXC™ UHS-II SD Card

High-performance, highest quality memory card for advanced photography and
video recording at maximum camera settings.

High Transfer Speed

High Transfer Speed

Fast Video Capture

Fast Video Capture

For Professional Users

For Professional Users

With V90 Class

With V90 Class

Quickly Captures Very Shot or Video, Super Speed 4K Memory Card.

Get ready to snap that award-winning shot faster than ever! VIGORBIRD memory card gives you the power of lightening speed with up to 260MB/s write and 300 MB/s read speeds - for smooth, high quality 4K UHD recording. Plus, continuous shooting is a breeze thanks to its top-of-the line V90 rating. Go ahead: unleash your inner photographer like never before!

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VIGORBIRD Pterosaur Series Memory Card:
Transfer speed up to 290MB/s
Regular UHS-I Memory Card:Transfer speed 130MB/s3
* Tested by ourlabs. Test results may vary according to different platforms and environment.

Next-generation UHS-II performance, Unleashes Your Camera Performance.

When being creative is a must, performance matters. VIGORBIRD delivers on both counts with its cutting-edge UHS-II standards and high speed transfer rate of up to 290MB/s that will make any pro photographer proud. Capture videos in the highest resolution without compromising on quality - unleash the power of your creativity with VIGORBIRD!

Extreme Transfer Speed, Saves Your Precious Time.

Say goodbye to hours of frustration by transferring high-resolution images and ultra-HD videos in a flash! This card is perfect for professional vloggers, filmmakers, photographers and content curators who want the efficiency of lightning speed - supporting up to 300MB/s read speeds.


Top-of-the-line V60 Video Class, Sopports 4K Video Shooting.

Get ready for the smoothest streaming experience with VIGORBIRD’s top-notch V60 video speed class! With speeds that are off the charts, you won't miss a beat when it comes to watching ultra HD videos or recording multi files.

RAW High-speed Action Shooting, Captures Continuous Moments.

Stop missing out on those once-in-the-moment shots with the VIGORBIRD! With its UHSII technology, RAW high speed captures will give you more options than ever. Plus, JPEGs and RAW images syncing together equals creative post processing that's sure to make your pictures stand out!


No Matter the Temperature, Hot or Cold, VIGORBIRD Lets You Hit Your Mark - Always!

Wherever your adventures take you, VIGORBIRD's got it covered! Our card can withstand any temperatures Mother Nature throws at you - from sub-zero tundras to scorching deserts. So don't worry about the temperature: just capture those treasured memories and leave the rest up to us.

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Magnet proof

X-ray proof


Keep Your Photos, Videos, and Other Data Safe with Our Memory Card.

The VIGORBIRD cards are like a trusty sidekick - they'll keep your memories safe, no matter what wild terrain you encounter! Water? No problem. Magnetism? Piece of cake. X-rays and vibrations? Nothing to worry about here either—all your shots will stay secure on these reliable little cards. Adventure away without fear!

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Year Warranty

Our VIGORBIRD professional video memory cards are rigorously tested and backed by a 5-year limited warranty, you can activate your product for an extended lifetime limited warranty. With reliable performance quality plus trusty customer service on your side, it's the perfect companion for recording life's moments!

Pterosaur Series V60 SDXC™ UHS-II SD Card
128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
Max. Sequential Reading Speed
290 MB/s
Max. Sequential Writing Speed
100 MB/s / 190 MB/s / 160 MB/s / 160 MB/s
Speed Class
C10, U3, V60
32.00 mm × 24.00 mm × 2.10 mm
Working Temperature
-20 °C - 70 °C
Storage Temperature
-40 ℃ - 85 °C
Shock Resistance
1000 G / 0.5 ms
5-Year Limited Warranty

*Tested by our labs. Speed varies according to your computer's capabilities and environment.
*1GB ≈ 1 billion bytes. The actual capacity is less than the stated in different algorithms.
*The pictures are for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancements or changes.

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